TALOS; is not an owner, operator or agency of any transportation vehicle. That allows us to focus on your cargo and suggest most suitable alternatives for your cargo.

Talos with its “Boutique Forwarder” mind-set, which Talos bought to the sector, provides the most suitable solutions to; door to door land route, container wagon transportation between ports and airway transportation organizations regardless of weight or volume of your cargo.

What important for us is the devoutness we give to your cargo rather than its total amount.

Devoutness starts with pricing of the transportation and making reservations and continues until your cargo reaches its final destination. In the course of the operation, any kind of information, including potential trouble, reported to the parties on time and with possible solutions to the possible problems; TALOS is the LIABLE PARTY on each stage of the transportation.

Talos creates a difference in the sector with its Kazakhstan Partial, Iraq Partial and the other Turkic Republics Partial services also offers alternatives to your dispatchment needs with CIS countries wagon services. 


 We can prove you “The Boutique Forwarder” understanding which TALOS brought into the sector, with the service of our operation division who works like a logistics division for you. With our daily “Tracing” reports, 7/24 shipment information, cheerful, sincere solution based work principle we carry trust not freight.

It is our duty to respond to your variable needs with our weekly deliveries.

It is our duty to respond to your variable needs with our weekly deliveries. Thanks to loading operations performed by our expert staff with great concern you no longer have to worry about outcome of your cargo. We are inviting you to experience our services which will meet your needs ideally especially on Turkic Republics, Russia and Arabian Gulf.